Expand your social media engagement through real-time audio
Photo of Chatmosa mobile product
Crafted from our experience and expertise in social audio
  • No download required
    Easily connect from any computer, tablet, or mobile device without the need to download an app that takes up storage space.
  • Broaden reach and influence
    Facilitates cross-platform community communication and outreach for brands, agencies, and content creators. Time is money — talk to your entire community, from all social media platforms, all at once!
  • Manage with moderation
    Hosts may invite Co-Hosts to assist in overseeing the sequence in which speakers raised their hands, manage who can talk, mute microphones, or remove/ban Attendees.
  • Earn money
    Make money hosting sessions, with multiple Chatmosa revenue streams.
About Us

Originating from our deep dive into Social Audio since 2020, the founding team of Chatmosa® delivers a plethora of enginnering, product, and business expertise, having collaborated on numerous groundbreaking innovations for mainstream TV, Music, Film, and Technology companies since the mid-90s.

Chatmosa® was built in-house by its founding team, to be the industry-leading Social Audio solution for how Brands, Agencies, and Content Creators interact with, expand, and market to their target audiences and communities.

  • Camille Alcasid
    Chief Executive
  • Sandra Jimenez
    Chief Technology
  • David Cronshaw
    Chief Product